"The Athenaeum", is an expression of this area’s cultural and environmental legacy. Along with the “vision” expressed by the task force, we propose to expand the purpose and mission of the project to become a regional, if not national center for Conservancy research and archives for the USDA Forestry Service. The intention is to foster the “pride of place” begun by Gifford Pinchot and to compliment the “spiritual” birthplace of the Forestry Service, Grey Towers. We envision a future when “Milford” will become synonymous, with the center for the scholarly study of Conservancy. This future of course includes the Pinochet Institute, as an integral part. This expanded vision opens up the possibility for securing additional national funding for the project.

The building is set back off the street line in deference to the existing trees in a park like setting. The objective is not to juxtapose the organic against the mechanical, but for the building to react spatially and formally to the stand of existing trees. Our intent is to place the library on the site physically and symbolically within the greater context of Milford’s history and legacy, acknowledging our participation in the natural order; not as detached observers, but as integral members within the system.

The design is an abstraction of the lobes of a leaf, the negative space of a stand of trees against a meadow, a mountain range, and a meandering brook represented by the undulating entry canopy. The building’s major fenestration is oriented towards the Northern lights and the community. It’s organized as two elevated roof “meadows”, each a “lobed” leaf stepping up towards the “crown” or summit of the main multi-function meeting hall. Abstracted evergreen shaped double skinned skylights provide diffused sunlight into the half bermed main stack area during daylight, while acting as “lanterns” during the evening hours.

Every community needs a “significant” space and the ritual of passage and threshold leading into this space should elevate the individual from the plane of the commonplace into one of the extraordinary. A processional approach to the building begins with a very gradual ascent from the street level by way of a “benefactors walk”, which is canopied by an undulating resin form. Each canopy structure has a resin panel attached and inscribed with the library’s benefactors. Larger donations get appropriately larger sized text. The canopy leads into a court yard deep into the center of the building like an organic glass walled outdoor garden. Materials both inside and out will be of local character, with any removed trees to be milled locally and installed as part of the interior finishing.

commercial architecture projects by vBaras Architects of Port Jervis, NY

Milford Public Library

Milford, Pike County, PA Public Library blueprints designed by vBaras ArchitectsMilford public library entrance view designed by vBaras ArchitectsMilford public library side view created by vBaras ArchitectsMilford public library front view created by vBaras ArchitectsMilford public library interior view created by vBaras ArchitectsMilford public library side views created by vBaras Architects