As part of the river side redevelopment plan, a world class kayaking venue has been proposed in the City of Port Jervis on the Delaware River. This building will act as a visitor's information center and the White Water Park hub.

The building’s sub structure consists of concrete piers and walls clad in native bluestone. These will be running parallel to the river, which will better handle any flooding which may occur since the structure is in the flood plain. The main floor is accessed by stairs and an ADA compliant ramp. The ground floor will be a secure storage for kayaks. The main floor consists of an observation deck and a general hall for rental and sales of various items. A small meeting area is also included.

The building itself is designed with two distinct formal languages. With your back to the City looking towards the building and the river, the building's facade consists of "fish scale" metal panels, on a curving and slightly canted wall with a minimal amount of openings. A counter, more acute curve is clad in a mosaic mural depicting the park. From the river, with the city in the background, the facade is composed of horizontal cedar boards, with a window / door wall which can open almost its entire length. This leads to the large observation deck, which has portions covered with a trellis.

commercial architecture projects by vBaras Architects of Port Jervis, NY

Port Jervis White Water Park Building

port jervis ny white water park building photos coming soon, designed by vBaras Architects