Winter Panel Company in Brattleboro, VT produces a unique curved SIP (structural insulated panel). This design takes that curved panel and modifies it into a continuous wall to roof structure. Like a hand cupping the sun, it opens towards the southern exposure whiled turning its back on the cool north. This northeast PA project integrates passive solar principles and as well as using advanced thermally tight shell building components. The 2,400 sq. home is long and oriented on the east west axis so the majority of the rooms can get direct solar gain in the winter. The foundation is half bermed into the earth with ICF’s (insulated concrete forms). The exterior is clad in native bluestone, recycled porcelain tiles and vertical cedar siding. Roofing consists of an ultra-cool standing seam metal roof, with solar hot water generation on the south facing straight sloped roof. The Interior floors are 4” concrete slabs with integral hydronic heating. A “look out” which can be accessed by spiral stair provides an great vantage point for the clients to over look a pond with water fall on south side and rolling fields down to the river on the other.

Sustainable and energy efficient design can come in many guises, in this instance it comes as a spatially rich, multi textured modern home. An example of the “figurative modernism” advocated by our principal

residential architecture projects by vBaras Architects of Port Jervis, NY

Jarob’s crossing

Jarobs Crossing first floor plan blueprints designed by vBaras ArchitectsJarobs Crossing baseline elevation blueprints designed by vBaras ArchitectsJarobs Crossing sideview designed by vBaras ArchitectsJarobs Crossing rear view designed by vBaras ArchitectsJarobs Crossing front view, designed by vBaras ArchitectsJarobs Crossing home back view, designed by vBaras Architects